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If your guitar's nut slot is cut too deep or shallow, this quick fix can save you both time and money.Phillip McKnight—whose gear-centric videos we've featured on this here website many a time—recently released a new one that offers a quick and easy fix if your nut slot is cut too deep or shallow.

strings - Can I widen the grooves on my guitar's nut myself ... Can I widen the grooves on my guitar's nut myself? ... Do this a bit before you've got the hole large enough because this will give you a clue how much you need to ... Guitar nut height - Les Paul Forum The string needs to be as low as possible. As the string gets higher (the slot not deep enough) you will be stretching the string too much when chording and will not be able to keep in tune...the string will be pulled sharp. This is the correct depth of nut slots. Fender® Forums: View topic - Strat / Eric Johnson nut slot If the second gap is much bigger than the first one then the slots are not deep enough. Repeat for all six strings in turn. A rough and ready test, but quite good enough for assessment purposes. Second thing. If you buy a very affordable pre-slotted GraphTech TUSQ nut it comes with a little tab on the bottom. Nut slots - Paul Hostetter, luthier - bowed and fretted instruments - welcome to my home page

A too-wide nut slot is not necessarily all that bad. The strings may still bear at the front edge, be supported along the entire slot, be at the right height and spaced evenly. If your nut has deep grooves that are too wide, and the whole thing looks messy, don't fret.

How low can you cut nut slots??! | Fender Stratocaster Guitar ... I generally fret the stings at the 3rd fret, then file the nut slots until the string is just above the 1st fret. Say .010 - .015. Of course, I file the nut down after that to ensure the slots aren't deep chasms. Or, as Malikon said, the strings may bind. Wow, by time I answered, there was an almost identical response!

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Stop your file before the slot’s too deep! Cutting string slots is delicate: if you cut one slot a little too low, you've blown the nut and have to start over. StewMac's own Don MacRostie devised the Safe Slot™ to make accurate nut slotting fast and fumble-free. He shows us how it's done in the ... Action too high? - Guitar Tricks Forum That's absolutely possible. It could be the nut slots are not cut deep enough, or the bridge saddles are too high. The neck could also be a culprit if it has too much of a curve. If you aren't comfortable with assessing or adjusting it yourself, then I encourage you to take your guitar to a local music store & ask them to have a look at it. Nut Slot Depth --how Deep Is Too Deep? - I borrowed a set of nut slot files, its time to adjust the Rocket...the slots are a bit too high, I want to lower the strings to where they should be. Its the last adjustment I need to make, and then the guitar is going to be really amazing to play. *NEW Flat Slotted BONE NUT for Fender Stratocaster Strat ... String spacing is narrower than usual ( which is already narrow on a 42 mm nut), and the slots are not deep enough. I know these ready made nuts are a gamble and I have a luthier in town who is cheap so I usually try it myself for fun but if it doesn't work out, I pay him.

Suppose first that the slots were very deep, so that the gap between the strings and the first fret became very small. Then an open, unfretted string would buzz on the first fret.When you buy a new guitar, you can almost be guaranteed that the nut slots are not deep enough.

Determining proper nut slot depth? Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by vindibona1, Feb 8, 2018 . Tags: nut proper ... Is this also a proper method for determining that the nut slots are deep enough and not too deep? If so, how much guitar? ... 1st Tomer: Gauged Nut Files or Swiss Needle Files? | Telecaster Guitar Forum As with anything that is done by hand, there is some variation. I've played new guitars where the nut is almost perfect for me, others where the nut slots are cut too deep and others where they are not deep enough. Most new guitars from any manufacturer could ...

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Page 7 of: A Step-by-Step Guide to Acoustic Steel String Guitar Setup When you buy a new guitar, you can almost be guaranteed that the nut slots are not deep enough. I have seen expensive guitars that came with as much as .035'' of first fret clearance, truly a finger killer. To cut the nut slots deeper, get yourself a good set of nut slot files, e.g. from How deep should nut slots be? Does it matter? | My Les Paul Forum I've played some guitars with bone nuts that had very deep slots. Deep enough that the top of the string is below the top of the nut. On my Gibsons, the string (wound strings) sits well above the top of the nut from the factory.